TechTalkUK 132 - Trumping Alexa

November 11, 2016

Nick and Kev are back with another weelky dose of Tech chat, this week we comment on President Elect Trump (yep, it did happen), the fact that Kev has got rid of the iPhone 7......and then bought an iPhone 6S again. We also give Alexa a bit of a workout on the show, and if you already own one, you may want to press the little Mic cancel button for an the last 20 mins of the show :-)

Links (aff) for items mentioned in this weeks show.


Alexa (AKA the Dot)

RoxaPlus Mains BT dongle

Ourgroceries App Android

Ourgroceries App iOS

Widget+ iOS


TechTalkUK 131 - Macs and More

November 3, 2016

Kev and Richard this week, talking about the new MacBooks, phones of course, and a couple of tips and tricks about buying second hand kit, and listening to Kindle books.


TechTalkUK 130 - MacBook Event

October 27, 2016

Nick and Kev talk about some very expensive Macbooks, the equally pricey Pixel phones, and the ever boring iPhone 7 / Samsung S7 Edge swapperoo. 


TechTalkUK 129 - Twitter Apps

October 20, 2016

This week its Kev and Richard here for the weekly dose of tech chat. We talk about our top (and bottom) Twitter apps, and have a quick compare of the HTC 10 and the Google Pixel. 

App of the week is Doubletwist and Airsync for Android.

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TechTalkUK Podcast 128 - New Beginnings, TTUK goes Weekly

October 14, 2016

In show 128: TTUK goes weekly, Kev and Nick are joined by Richard to discuss how they intend to make the TechtalkUK a weekly show. Has Samsung gone up in flames, is it all over for the Galaxy Note device range and will it affect the Samsung brand going forward. Google Pixel why would you choose one over another brand. Finally we discuss AD Blockers on iOS and Samsung browsers.


TechTalkUK Podcast 127 – P-P-Pick up a Pixel

October 7, 2016

In show 127: Kev and Nick chat about the Google Pixel phone launch, Nick explains about his Apple Pay experience woes and Kev is back on the S7 Edge.


TechTalkUK Podcast 126 – iPhone 7 First Thoughts

September 17, 2016

In Show 126: Nick gives his first impressions on the new iPhone 7 and Kev talks about his search for the best mobile signal in his motorhome.


TechTalkUK Podcast 125 – iPhone 7 Event

September 8, 2016

In show 125: Kev and Nick discuss the recent Apple iPhone 7 event.


TechTalkUK Podcast 124 - It’s all about the rings

August 24, 2016

In show 124: Nick picks up a bargain iPhone 5s and chats about 4g data in the West Country and Kev explains why the Apple Watch has become an essential part of his daily routine.


TechTalkUK Podcast 123 - Calorific Conversation

July 24, 2016

Show 123 (July 24th 2016)



Sorry to be away for so long, work and play commitments got in the way.

Picked up a cheap pair of QC 25s, wired of course but £120, the QC 35s were sold as it’s actually not that hard for me to use a wire…...until I get an iPhone 7 maybe?

HTC 10 draw. win an HTC 10 for £10? Both of the last two draws were won by a person with just one number.

Readly UK magazine app, over 1300 mags with back issues for just £7.99 a month,

Had S7 Edge last show, and tried an OPO 3 since, OPO 3 is a very very good smartphone, and frankly makes you wonder just how long the likes of HTC, Samsung and LG will be able to ask almost double what the OPO 3 costs.

I now have an HTC 10 here of course, and was surprised about how ‘meh’ I felt about it on day one. That is changing a little bit as I play with it, and it is clearly a solid phone.

iPhone tips: (nabbed from iPhone Annual as part of Readly sub above)

Pano shot change direction of sweep by tapping the white arrow.

Compass app, slide left for a built in Spirit Level.

I tried iOS 10, and frankly, I don’t like the changes much. Early days so won’t moan too much. The more I think about it, maybe the current 6S is simply the perfect smartphone for me?

Android App: If you have capacitive back and recent buttons, and you don’t like the way round they are, use this great app Buttons Remapper at and you can change them, and add long press actions as well. Great for those non Samsung phones with the buttons round the wrong way :-)

Note 7 thoughts. So we already know a lot about it, but isn’t it just more proof that we have reached peak smartphone? It is just an S7 Edge with a Stylus isn’t it?

Three UK: OK, they have annoyed us geeks, but let’s not cut our noses off to spite our faces :-)

A good example is 12GB or 12 months of data for £30 for Tablets and Mi-Fi units. If you use the link we get a £15 kick back as well. Happy to share that with anyone who asks. Just email me at and we can discuss.

Another decent deal is only on for another day, so be quick, 200 mins, ACYE SMS and DATA (30GB Hotspot use) at £11.50 for 6 months then £23 and you can choose a 12 mth plan. Go to and select ACYE Data and 12 mth boxes. Basically £17.25 a month for the 12 mths.